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September 30, 2015

Cute Planner Supplies

Submerging wholly into the paper planner craze was natural for me as I am an avid organizer and complete sucker for cute stationary. At first it can seem dizzily overwhelming as there are an endless amount of supplies available to decorate with; but starting out with a list of the basics can help narrow down the vast amount of choices. It might seem like a silly, overpriced hobby (which is partly true), but maintaining a planner can be an effective way to boost motivation and reduce stress by keeping all of the details of life in order and in one compact place.

Pick Your Planner

If you don't yet have a paper planner, they can be found at many locations like Target, gift or craft stores, and of course online. A few trendy names at the moment include Filofax, kikki.K, Erin Condren, Midori, Dokibook, and Webster's Pages. You can also make your own using blank notebooks, binders, or folders. There are options available in all sizes and price ranges, and your individual preferences will rule which style of planner you choose and how you decide to fully customize it.

Purchase Materials

The essential planner supplies include inserts and something to write with, however there are tons of stationary items that can be used for decoration, personalization, and further organization.. A beginners list would include items such as:

Writing utensils ~ pens, pencils, highlighters, markers
Paper ~ inserts, note pads, cards, calendars, notebooks
Adhesives ~ stickers, washi tapes, sticky notes, tabs, page flags
Accessories ~ dividers, dashboards, pouches, folders, paper clips, stamps, ink
Other ~ hole punch, scissors, ruler, calculator, glue

Current Favorites

Acroball pens
Graph paper
Moleskin notebooks
Small stickers
6-hole punch
Mini note cards
Large sticker pouch
Pocket and personal sizes

I find most of my planner accessories on Etsy, but there are many standing craft stores and online retailers that sell unique supplies as well. These are the top shops that I purchase from or are on my favorites list:

Alicemolds ~ Asian stationary
BobbyTin ~ Asian stationary
Ccsharetape ~ washi tape
Coffeeblush ~ stamps
Crossbow Printables ~ paper
Heartissimo ~ dashboards
Kandeez Kupcakez ~ Asian stationary
KawaiiSugarNSpice ~ accessories
Kiddy Qualia ~ paper
Nooks and Annies ~ stickers
Oh So Fawn ~ stickers
PapergeekMY ~ stationary
PeacefulMind Design ~ stickers
Mushypinkstrawberryz ~ stationary
Planner Mania ~ stickers
Public Milk ~ washi tape
Stickerlovers ~ Asian stationary
StickWithMe Shop ~ stickers
Sweet Kawaii Design ~ stickers
The Book Nook Patch ~ paper clips
The Princess Paperie ~ accessories
Vintage Gypsy Road ~ stickers
Violet Le Beaux ~ stickers

Some online shops sell downloadable versions of their stickers which can be an affordable alternative to purchasing printed sheets. If you like to decorate heavily or with a seasonal theme, you can subscribe to monthly kits to receive a special (and usually discounted) package designed to complete a full month of coordinated planning.

Find Inspiration

If you have a lot of information to organize and don't know how exactly you want to set your layouts, there are many ideas available on YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and a simple Google search. Known as the planner community, many people photograph their spreads and share design ideas to pull inspiration from. If you are creative and have the extra time, it is possible to create some adorable DIY accessories too.

September 08, 2015

I think we've all just got to accept that there are holes in us. That we were born full and they appeared over time. That the universe takes things back because it needs to. Maybe there isn't another reason than that. We spend so much of our lives trying to fill these voids. We won't look at our own and ignore the ones in each other. Buy more, drink more, watch more. One day you're going to have to stop pretending they aren't there. If you really want to live, you've got to stop trying to analyze why these holes exist and stop trying to figure out how to make them shrink. Roll the windows down when you're driving and let the wind blow through them. Breathe and let the world keep spinning.

I still remember you as a little girl who overwaters plants because she doesn't know when to stop giving.

So I perversely circle the late stars, drowsier and drowsier, sleepily longing for something.

I think of rivers, of tides. Forests and water gushing out. Rain and lightening. Rocks and shadows. All of these are in me. 

Oh Love is a journey with water and stars, with drowning air and storms of flour, Love is a clash of lightnings, two bodies subdued by one honey. 

September 01, 2015

I've always been a bag lady of sorts. I find comfort in toting around items that I may use or wish to have in my travels, which are all usually contained in a medium to large sized satchel. On the average trip outside the house to go to work or run errands, I am the type of gal who likes to carry a selection of handy things to freshen up with if needed.

At the moment I have a few different pouches that I use to organize small products and make rummaging through my belongings a little bit easier. In one are a few of my essential feminine supplies which includes baby wipes, spare tampons, pills, and my new favorite Always Xtra Protection Long Dailies. They are a nice size for my personal preference and keep me feeling oh-so fresh on seemingly endless days. I also love how absorbent they are and how well they adhere; the perfect pad to wear while running around town or during a hectic shift.

Floating around in the main part of my bag is a seasonally-fitting body spray for a quick spritz, a pair of eyeglasses to wear at work and while driving, a moisturizing hand lotion and sanitizer, and a filling snack bar for a convenient pick-me-up. In another smaller pouch is most of my makeup favorites and products for touch-ups which includes a pressed powder, brown eyeliner, tweezers, lip balm, and bobby pins. I keep track of my daily to-do lists and general life plans in my pocket size kikki.K planner which is small enough to tuck in right before I leave the house.

While it is totally not necessary to bring along a host of objects wherever you go, it can help to look and feel your best throughout a long, busy schedule. I find by taking a couple minutes to touch up and keep fresh and clean with a just few tools and Always Liners I can feel more effortlessly confident which in turn reflects some sparkling, positive energy on my day.

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