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March 03, 2015

Last month I ordered this fragrance on a whim as a part of a sale at Ulta and have been delightfully misting myself with it everyday since. Made with pure moringa extract and fair trade essence from sugarcane, The Body Shop's values and ethical practices are present with this product. Described as having a delicate, white floral scent that is light and fresh, Moringa is the ultimate spring/summer daytime fragrance with a unique profile different than your typical flowery body mist. When I waft it under my nose, I first catch the full floral notes and the sweet femininity it has which then transitions into an almost dated, 'what a 90's teen would wear' vibe. The scent doesn't last but a couple of hours on the skin, however layering it with lotion or spritzing directly on fabric to wear or sleep in extends the potency. If you like the appeal of a frilly, sugary, yet refreshing scent to toss in your handbag as a pick-me-up then give this bottle a try.

I find a sentimental value to the Moringa fragrance as it is similar to a candle I once made in my Aunt's beauty laboratory that we dyed pastel pink, labeled with butterflies, and called Melissa. It takes me back to those almost spiritual summer days in my hometown listening to 70's classics and sipping on Gevalia coffee while enjoying her warm company.

What is your favorite floral fragrance?


  1. My all time favorite has to be anything rosey! However I recently purchased Moringa face oil,too. :-)

    Grace ● N°.21

  2. I was so curious about this because I was wondering what Moringa would even smell like x

  3. The body shop has some gorgeous scents, I never really thought about actually picking up a body mist though, I definitely will be now!

  4. Let me know how you like it, that sounds so interesting!

  5. It's definitely a more unique floral, very sweet and almost artificial but in a good way {if that makes sense}.

  6. I love the glass bottle it comes in, and it's actually quite a generous size for $12 :)


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