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January 15, 2015

Although snowflakes are still falling here in frigid Michigan, I can't help but hazily daydream about painting my toes, wearing light clothing, and enjoying all the perks of warm weather after winter. I recently browsed through the Reef website and found so many adorable, surf-inspired kicks that not only looked super stylish but ultra comfortable as well. I loved many of the pairs of sandals I saw, however the ones that made it to my must-have wishlist include the Guatemalan Slide, Starglitz, Beaded Moon, and Fanning from the men's line. What I'm drawn to from the collection is all the bright colors and textures that are still muted enough to match tons of outfits, and also the noticeable quality that will last through trips to the ocean and busy days out and about. In the past I have purchased an endless amount of cheap flip flips that had little to no support for my feet and had to be replaced each summer. Not only do they cause unneeded pain, but also requires wasteful spending of poorly made products that get ruined and quite frankly unattractive so quickly. Investing in a good pair of sandals is underrated and totally worth every penny, especially if you live in a cold climate where summer is only a few short months long. I find the higher quality enhances a true fashion statement while making the best days of the year even more memorable.

Do you daydream of summer fashion when the weather gets cold?


  1. I always buy Reef sandals, the quality is awesome and they always have really pretty styles! xx


    1. Sweet, now I'm just awaiting summer so I can wear cute sandals :)

  2. Sandals are my life! I would open-toed shoes if I could every day (but then my feet would get super rough...) and living in sunny Southern California, that is pretty much a reality! However, I have such a hard time finding a good, reliable pair of sandals (the last good pairs I found were from a J. Crew outlet store). Reef looks like a great brand, and I am definitely considering their Reef Leather Uptown sandal :)

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  3. These are really pretty. Sandals with poor support are really the worst and end up being exhausting to walk in. I love flowy maxi skirts so that probably what I would be daydreaming about, though, I don't mind winter I must say :)


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