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September 11, 2014

Birthday Trip to Frankenmuth, MichiganBirthday Trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan

A few weeks ago my thoughtful boyfriend took me on a surprise adventure to celebrate my birthday together in the Germanic town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was the first time I had been there and upon our initial drive through downtown I completely fell in love with the historically stylized buildings, abundant greenery, and the inviting Main Street culture. Our relaxed day started out with a stroll around places like the famous Bronner's Christmas Wonderland and  many of the must-see tourist hotspots such as the Cheese Haus, Fudge Kitchen, Rau's Country Store, and also some tucked away gems like the earthy herberies Healthy Habitz 4 Life and Those Nature People, and several family-owned patisseries. I wish I had photographed more of what I saw but at the time I felt more focused on absorbing the beautiful day and enjoying my boyfriend's warm company. He spoiled me with a few small gifts throughout our trip which I saved and photographed to explain in lieu of scenery shots, and also to simply document for memory's sake.

All of the baked goods we purchased didn't quite make it to the picture as they were devoured rather quickly, but included on the naughty list were chocolate covered cherries, sea salt caramels, a vanilla frosted cupcake (which he lit with a candle and we shared on my birthday night) pistachio fudge, assorted fresh taffies, and a mini loaf of apple raisin bread. We also picked up some other edible treats that we fancied like a smoked jalapeno cheese spread, a block of chipotle colby cheese, old fashioned candies, some of our favorite flavored aloe waters, honey sticks, and natural root beer. I was graciously gifted my first Alex and Ani bracelet from the Abby's of Frankenmuth boutique which is called the lotus blossom charm bangle, appropriately representing strength in relationships, eternal bonds, and the beauty of femininity. At the Bavarian Inn gift shop my love also insisted that I pick out a pretty sterling silver ring that is decorated with tropical flowers and dainty crystals. A bit later as we browsed around the outdoor craft festival at Zehnder Park we ended up purchasing handmade paracord bracelets and a festive orange spice cranberry scented candle by JD's Country Scents. For the last stop on our little shopping spree we went to the Covered Bridge & Leather Gift Shop and bought a turquoise zipper wallet and also an assortment of Wild Berry brand incense in mystical scents like Fairy Dust, India Moon, Patchouli, and Tibetan Orchid.

We ate a late lunch at a busy local bar and grille called Tiffany's where we ordered salad and seafood for a light, yet filling meal. After a short while we found the Harvest Coffeehouse & Beanery where I sipped on a whip cream topped mocha frappucino which turned out to be the perfect chilled chocolate treat I was craving. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Frankenmuth and would recommend a visit to anyone living in Michigan or planning a trip in the central area of the state. I've been told it looks even more beautiful in autumn after the leaves turn or a bit later in the year when the holiday spirit is in full swing. Throughout the whole day everyone in town was so pleasant, from the cashiers wearing flower-laced milkmaid braids and Oktoberfest style clothing to friendly tourists and patient locals. The only money spent was on gas and shopping as parking was free and nothing else we visited charged admission, even with the perk of generous free samples. It was just enough of a single day vacation to leave me feeling refreshed and fulfilled, and we didn't even get around to seeing everything there is to see. I haven't stopped dreaming of our next trip since we left and look forward to taking family there for the charming experience.

Where did you visit this summer?


  1. happy birthday! that sounds like such a nice way to spend the day, especially all the delicious food. and what better excuse than it being your birthday? also i have the same incense holder as you back home. :)

    little henry lee


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