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July 31, 2014

I say most empathically that being a lost 20-something in the midst of an arguably arduous time to be alive in this world stretches our instinctual roots to a far back place in our minds to remain distant and forgotten. I myself often become too tangled up in the advances and stresses of modern life where it's easy to gloss over the natural beauty in each and every day and neglect my true purpose. I feel so spiritually fulfilled and refocused on my ever-winding path when I reconnect myself with the Earth and practice living more organically to appreciate and bask in the balance of indulging in innovation and submerging in simplicity.

Support your community
For every $1 spent locally, an average of 68 cents is returned to the community. Some of the best food I have ever eaten was made from little family owned businesses, and some of my best summer days have been spent strolling farmers markets, playing in the park, and wandering around the streets of town dipping into shops and discovering new places to visit. There is a certain satisfaction about venturing in the area where you live, and not to mention it can offer the most natural, holistic experiences of them all.

Embrace horticulture
Surrounding yourself with nature brings serenity to the soul. Digging your hands into the soil to grow a garden and nurturing plants are such a soothing and rewarding experiences to feel one with the organic Earth. Keeping beautiful flowers and foliage in or by your home is not only lovely on the eyes but also has a host of healing effects as well such as purifying the air and emitting positive energy. Air plants, succulents, or other low maintenance sprouts like herbs or potted vegetables and fruits are easy to care for, or if you have a greener thumb more exotic plants and full blooming gardens can be just as therapeutic to tend to and reap great benefits. 

Eat fresh
Eating whole, natural, fresh foods nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. I tend to feel my absolute best when I drink lots of organic lemon water and eat well balanced meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. The way that this is easiest for me is to buy mostly nutritious foods and ingredients at the local market, then save my guilty pleasures for a special night or on the weekend. A simple way to stay on track is to stock the fridge and pantry with fruits, vegetables, tea, lean meats, grains, and accessible, natural snack options like hard boiled eggs, hummus, granola, protein bars, mixed nuts, wheat bread, and sometimes homemade treats like peanut butter banana ice cream and fruit salad with soy whipped cream.

Read, write, listen
If I ever become overwhelmed with negativity or stress and my head starts to feel clouded, I try to center my focus and ground all my thoughts and ideas by taking the time to write with pen and paper, read a book or an article, watch videos, or listen to music. These are all core activities that have been practiced for ages and are the basic fundamentals of expressing ourselves and finding comfort in the creations of others. Living a simple life doesn't have to mean days that are slow and quiet, however there is always benefit in taking time to unwind in peace and refresh ourselves to live at our full potential.

A minimalistic lifestyle
Cleansing your life of material items helps to clear the mind and focus on what's truly important in life. I love to shop just like many other Americans, but I try to use it more as purposeful way to replace old things and keep the random collecting to a minimum. Visiting resale shops is a cheap way to get your fix while saving money with the benefit of reusing and recycling. As I grow older, the more I wish to save my money for priceless memories like traveling and saving for a better future instead of indulging in consumer goods.

Focus on love
One of the best ways to reconnect is to put down the cell phone, turn off the computer, and spend time with the ones you love. Enjoying the company of others by simple conversation, a walk outside, a hug, kiss, or anything in between, satisfies raw human emotion and fulfills us spiritually. If I ever find myself alone and burnt out by stress, anxiety, or whatever it may be, the best way for me to heal is to find small ways to love myself. Take a warm bubble path, go for a jog, take a quiet nap, sit in the garden and meditate, anything to lift the clouds in your head, focus on the good in life, and surround yourself with organic happiness.

How do you find ways to live more organically?

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  1. Great ideas!!! I'm trying really hard to include a few calming/organic things into my life :)


    Ms Jelena xx
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