Earth Day | Caring For Our Planet

April 22, 2014

Although the Earth should be cared for each and every day, the 22nd of April honors our environment and serves as a reminder of the blessings that humanity takes for granted. It is easy to succumb to modern philosophies and the conveniences of this day and age, forgetting about the natural ways of life and how truly lucky we are for the balanced habitat we are given, the clean air we breathe, and the vital water that we drink. We live on such a beautiful planet that is fragile yet expending, and each day and moment given ought to be held as sacred.

There are many relevant thoughts we can have and deliberate decisions we can make daily that father the concept that humans belong to Mother Nature, she does not belong to us.

Buy locally
Supporting our own neighbors not only improves the small business economy, but in some cases is also ethnically positive. Local farmers can offer organic, quality produce and dairy without the high costs and distant imports at grocery stores. Browsing the markets and craft fairs in your area make for relaxing weekend events and also heighten a sense of community. Eat at mom-and-pop restaurants, purchase from Etsy, participate in fundraisers, think less commercialism, corporations, and chain businesses where applicable.

Reducing, reusing, and recycling cleanses the Earth and keeps it free of foreign waste. There are endless amounts of DIY projects that offer guidance in 'repurposing', and whatever cannot be salvaged can be put in a separate bin to be recycled at a plant. Visiting thrift stores, yard sales, and shopping on resale websites are easy ways to make the most out of already produced material items. Establishing a more minimalist lifestyle is more rewarding than is known, and spare money once spent on tangible items can then be transferred to experiences such as travelling internationally, charity donations, or living debt-free.

Once the snow clears and the weather starts to warm up, the litter around us tends to appear more noticeable. One of my favorite Earth-loving activities I learned as a young Girl Scout is the basic action of trash collection. Grab a bag, a pair of gloves, and take a stroll around the neighborhood, park, beach, anywhere outdoors to pick up unsightly garbage. The aftermath is both physically and mentally rewarding, and there are very few selfless, simple tasks so satisfying.

Nurturing a garden is good for the soul. Whether it be seasonal flowers sprouting in the front yard or growing a small assortment of herbs and vegetables out on the balcony, embracing botany is such a core part of connecting to the Earth. Imagine if every landowner planted just one tree what a massive difference could be made in the global environment.

Go green
Choosing all or more natural products helps to eliminate chemicals in and on the body and promote overall wellness. Although the advances of the modern world are to be celebrated, there are choices to be made in daily life that effect us in the most natural manner. Studying herbology or simply becoming more aware of ingredients gives a solid foundation for further research and living in a health-conscience way. Eating raw foods has been proven to prevent and eliminate cancer, and in general countries with more holistic practices live longer, more fulfilling lives. The power of life is in nature if we choose to rewire our modern minds and embrace it.

The first step in caring for our Earth is to learn how to respect it. Spend the afternoon at the park, swim in the local lake, volunteer at an outdoor event, anything that will create a closer bond with the ground, sky, and water. Learn to not waste every breathe we take as it is not a right, it is a gifted privilege. When we discover how to love and connect with this Earth, she will return it to us in an even greater form.

How do you contribute to the honor of our planet on Earth Day or everyday?


  1. What a motivational post! I completely agree with you! Enjoy the simple things in life and what the world is offering us! I spent most of my summer holidays last year just looking out at the sky and realizing how beautiful the world is! It made me a lot happier and put all my worries into perspective! X

    1. Thank you! I've learned that when you begin to appreciate the simple things life seems to just fall into place, what's meant to be will be :)

  2. This is a great post! I think what I will do is to plant more plants in my room. I have a great window with tons of light. I will get a garden growing. Happy Earth DAY ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

    1. That's a great idea. I can't wait to start an outdoor garden here soon, and maybe grow some flowers inside my home to enjoy as well :)

  3. omg I love this so much. I wonder how I could re-create this?


  4. This is such a great list. a great way to think about the earth we live on.
    Renee x
    A cruelty free blog.

  5. love this post - so many nice ideas :)

    from helen at

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