Tom Ford Beauty Wishlist

There is some sort of intrigue about designer cosmetics launched by world famous fashion moguls of the moment, even for someone who frequents the local thrift shops. Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel are just a few names that instantly come to mind, however in particular Tom Ford is one I haven't seen rolling around the beauty community that much, and recently with the release of his limited edition 2014 spring color collection my interest has grown. There is a reason why so many glamorous and fashion forward celebrities such as Beyonce and Rachel Zoe wear his products, and now us mere mortals can try our hand at radiant, red-carpet beauty from the comfort of our own vanities. From reviews I've read online, photos I've seen, and also general instinct, his cosmetics are so simple but timelessly beautiful, from the shades and tones to the high quality ingredients they are made with. I've been eyeing the Tom Ford range at Harrods in particular, but it can also be found at select prestige retailers globally.

It seems like pencil liners can be a dime a dozen, however from experience I've learned that investing in a good formula that will have a long staying power is typically worth the money, especially since the product can last for years. This shade in particular is a dimensional deep bronze with a sultry kohl-effect; a stunning contrast against any eye color and a basic look that anyone call pull off.

A touch of radiance from a skin brightener is a simple way to create a 'lit from within' glow that enhances your best features. These pens are available in eight different shades, four of which are soft pastels that catch light and bring focus, and the other four in tonal colors that counterbalance shadows and pigmentation flaws. I could see myself wearing Lavender Voile as a highlight on my cheekbones and brow bones, and Naked Bisque to cover up my under eye circles and dark hyperpigmentation spots.

I always believe a cosmetic line is as good as it's leading foundation, most of the time, and the Traceless Foundation is nothing short of amazing. It works to balance the complexion while promoting luminosity and protecting the skin with cell replenishing nutrients and an SPF of 15. The texture is lightweight and seamless yet buildable in layers for the ultimate naturally radiant look.

This product especially caught my attention as it is the first priming eye duo I have ever seen. The cream creates a smooth layer preventing any creasing and fading, while the powder absorbs oil for an optimal base for eye shadow. The combination would be perfect for those with oily lids or on days when you are all glammed up and want your makeup to stay in place for long hours.

The entire range of lip lacquers are so beautiful and rich in tone, I wish I could own them all. This one in particular from the 2014 spring line called Indiscretion is a limited edition, medium raspberry shade that is bold yet feminine and a pretty all year long color for both fingers and toes.

Although this shade isn't new, it's a Tom Ford staple that I just couldn't leave it out of my wishlist. The purchase photos don't do it justice, it is the prettiest coral pink shade with, from what I've heard, a dreamy finely-milled texture and satin/natural finish. Think of Tarte's Tispy blush but elevated onto a whole different level of quality.

This sleek white tube contains a pulverized pearl gloss that gives a sexy sheen to the lips and a soft feel. I love having a nice clear gloss to top off any lip color or just to throw on for a quick, yet pulled together look.

This pretty coral shade is a part of the new collection of semi-translucent lip colors that are the perfect light swipe of color for the warmer months. They are also infused with Vitamin E, C, and shea butter to saturate the lips with moisture and create the ideal pouty finish.

Do you own any Tom Ford cosmetics? Which product would you like to try the most?