Founded by internationally renowned hair stylist Nelson Chan, the Nelson J Argan Oil 7 hair care line mirrors his eco-friendly salon practices with natural products containing 100% pure argan oil and other botanical ingredients. The newest addition to the collection is the Moisture Healing Mask which is a long lasting deep conditioning treatment that hydrates dry, damaged, or color-treated hair. It is available in rosemary, coconut, or pomegranate scents and can also be purchased in bigger sixteen ounce tubs.

One of the qualities of the Argan Oil 7 line that I love is the effective and natural ingredients. This mask in particular contains argan oil, coconut, jojoba butter, olive oil, vitamin E, and plant, volcanic rock or vegetable derived emollients and additives which all work to moisturize and condition the hair without the negative effects of chemicals. The line also contains no parabens, sulfates, or artificial colors, and won't strip the hair or remove dyes from color-treated locks.

On shampoo day, I take a dollop about the size of a half dollar and run it through my hair from ends to roots. I then comb it through to distribute the mask even more and also rid my hair of snags and tangles, and then twist it up and clip it while I go about the rest of my shower routine. The refreshing pomegranate scent fills the room and lingers on my hair for a few hours after rinsing. Immediately after use, I notice my hair feeling a lot more soft and smooth, and looking shiny and more voluminous than before. The texture of this healing mask is light and doesn't weigh down my curls or create a greasy scalp after a few days which is ideal for those who don't shampoo every day.
My only reservation is that on shampoo day the hair can look 'fluffy' because of the light weight of the conditioner and also the moisture infusion, but the addition of protein with a styling product or a slightly heavier hair oil can easily tame the unwanted volume for the first day after washing.

I am impressed by another Argan Oil 7 product; the Moisture Healing Mask is perfect for a lightweight yet effective moisture treatment with natural ingredients and an invigorating scent. My scalp doesn't appear oily even after a few days of water rinses, and the results truly last all week long. This mask is ideal for a pre-heat treatment that you want to last because it will intensely hydrate the hair before styling without the buildup that creates a heavy, greasy 'third day hair' look. If you're prone to frizz, pair it with a balance of protein and your hair will look and feel healthier than ever.

What is your favorite hair mask at the moment?