Opening Ceremony Cat Eye Sunglasses / The Addison Collection Mary Frances Botanical Mini / Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 1 Le Rouge / L'Agent Vanesa Lace Underwired Bra / Anjolee Brilliant 7 Diamonds Anniversary Ring /  Weekend MaxMara Printed Silk Scarf / Steve Madden Deeny Platform Shoes in Nude

With every holiday season comes one of the most enjoyable (yet sometimes stressful) events of shopping for gifts to give to your closest family and friends. Depending on your budget, the options are truly endless; a gift is a gift both affordable, handmade, expensive, or vintage. Going low key with a stocking filled with treats, trinkets and gift cards is always an option, however if you have a little more to spend this year then a special splurge item for the one you love also makes for a thoughtful gesture. Buying a gift for someone that they covet but wouldn't ever purchase for themselves is such a treasure that they will remember for years to come.

Sunglasses are one of the easiest options since they are less taste specific and worn by many. If you know your recipient well, try to pick out a shape that would flatter their face or that are similar to ones that they already own. My favorites right now are the sleek and retro cat eye shape, tortoise print, and the classic oversized frames.

Handbags are fun gifts to give because there are so many different styles, prints, textures and colors to choose from ranging from bold and chic to simple and classic. If the person you are shopping for is more daring in terms of their fashion, experiment with something new that is still similar to their style but also a little out of the box. Some of my favorite gifts I've ever received are items I would never pick for myself but ended up falling in love with.

Lipstick can be a way any woman can play with her look without much commitment. A timeless red lip is a glamorous choice, but if you know your recipient wouldn't care for such an intense look then a sheer mauve pink is typically always flattering and foolproof. Going with a high end brand is a splurge that makes for a beautiful looking gift and typically a quality product that will impress.

Lingerie might seem like a strange gift choice, however if you know the person you are shopping for well it is a thoughtful gesture that might pleasantly surprise them. Every woman deserves to wear a supportive, nice quality bra, and not many are willing to shell out the extra money to pamper themselves. A proper set of underwear can change one's life as it enhances the body shape and is typically more comfortable than something cheaper and ill fitting.

Jewelry is one of the more obvious yet special gifts to give. A simple pair of stud earrings are a safe choice, but if you are looking to splurge a bit more then something like diamond eternity rings are both sentimental and functional as it can be matched with the set you already have, worn as a promise ring or be a stunning piece you picked out for yourself. 

Scarves are so versatile and worn by many, especially in areas of the world that experience winter or cold weather. They come in endless amounts of prints, fabrics, and cuts that there is something for everyone on your list. If your recipient trudges through the snow this time of year, then go for a thicker texture like wool, heavy cotton, or fleece with lots of fabric to bundle up in like an infinity style or a snood. If they reside in a warmer climate, something lighter like silk, cashmere, or linen with less fabric like a bib style or traditional will still dress up a sweater or a coat without retaining too much heat. 

Shoes can be tricky to pick out for someone else unless you are somewhat familiar with their size and fit. A chic pair of nude or black heels is something every woman needs in her closet for special events, holidays, or even nights out on the town. Going classic may be a safe bet, so even a nice pair of boots or simple ballet flats are styles that even particular fashionistas can appreciate in their wardrobe.

What's the most glamorous gift you have ever received?