April 22, 2014

Earth Day | Caring For Our Planet

Although the Earth should be cared for each and every day, the 22nd of April honors our environment and serves as a reminder of the blessings that humanity takes for granted. It is easy to succumb to modern philosophies and the conveniences of this day and age, forgetting about the natural ways of life and how truly lucky we are for the balanced habitat we are given, the clean air we breathe, and the vital water that we drink. We live on such a beautiful planet that is fragile yet expending, and each day and moment given ought to be held as sacred.

There are many relevant thoughts we can have and deliberate decisions we can make daily that father the concept that humans belong to Mother Nature, she does not belong to us.

April 18, 2014

Julie G Nail Color in Love Potion | Review

Being a true thrifter at heart, I found the Julie G Nail Color in Love Potion at Rite Aid and purchased it as a hopeful dupe for the popular Fiji by Essie. Love Potion is a washed out, milky pale pink with a creamy finish. In one coat it applies relatively sheer and a bit streaky, however by the third the layers even out and the color becomes semi-opaque. On the nail it looks less saturated and more translucent than in the bottle, and with multiple coats the whites of the nails are visible. From photographs I've seen, Love Potion is similar in tone to Fiji but not as opaque or quite as pink, and is more comparable to the shade Mademoiselle. Overall it is a nice pastel that pairs well with white french tips or sparkling topcoats (I recently wore it with Models Own Jack Frost glitter polish) or as a subtle color on it's own. Being the first Julie G nail polish I have owned, I was impressed with the quality of the formula as well as the four day wear time with only mild chipping on the tips.

What is your favorite pastel pink polish?
April 15, 2014

Orchid Oasis | Style Wishlist #7

Orchid Oasis Wishlist

In unison with Pantone's Color of the Year, orchid, the color coordinated Tarte Be MATTEnificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette makes wearing purple eyeshadow easy and flattering for all. This compact palette comes with six limited edition eye shadows, two liners, and a blush for a complete matte makeup look with the botanical benefits of natural clay.

These Mod Cloth O.M.Geode Earrings in Lake are inspired by beautiful violet stones and make for an interesting and bold piece of jewelry. I like how they have an earthy yet modern feel and can be thrown on to spice up any simple outfit.

Recently Nordstrom released a Cult Favorites collection of popular, limited addition MAC lipstick shades including my favorites which are FlamingoLady DangerPink PigeonSushi Kiss, and Sweet and Sour. I believe all of the gorgeous shades listed are going to be made permanent and available both in-store and online.

The Z Gallerie Orchid Geode is a one of a kind art piece that adds a modern yet natural vibe and a pop of color to a room without throwing down paisley prints and going all out bohemian.

I am all about embracing the warm weather by dreaming about these soft, creamy peach, almond-shaped Melissa Doris Arrow T-Bar Blush Flat Shoes. They are made with an easy to clean, comfortable, recycled rubber material perfect for summer travels.

The new Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in 142 Fluorescent Beige is a unique mauve shade that reminds me of a spring flower. This polish has many impressive qualities like a wet looking, lacquered finish as well as chip-resistant wear and a custom curve-hugging brush. 

What is on your wishlist at the moment?
April 11, 2014

Little Thoughts | Cherry Blossoms & Melted Ice Cream Cones

Cherry Blossom

Continuing to ride the wave of positivity after my Thoughts to Encourage Happiness post, I wanted to share some little things that made me happy in the past couple weeks and hear some of yours as well. I know a few bloggers do these types of posts including the popular Cider with Rosie, but I am only taking inspiration from the idea and will make the rest my own. If it goes well it might become a weekly ritual, we'll see. 

My boyfriend brought me home a half-melted, confetti cake flavored ice cream in a waffle cone from Dairy Queen. It was so adorable (and quite surprise at 11 in the morning) and the thought made my entire day.

I baked a banana bread for the first time. I followed the Pillsbury recipe which turned out pretty well, but a bit on the dry side since I only had two bananas to use. I have a big bunch of them sitting on the counter waiting to turn mushy so I can try for a more moist loaf.

Each night for the past week I have used a rose oil from Mario Badescu that has cleared up most of the red, bumpy irritation on my cheeks. It started to appear with the use of a new alpha hydroxy toner that I even cut with water to weaken the formula. It is still a bit harsh, but it helps keep my complexion smooth and clear as the properties in the oil balance out the effects to soothe my skin.

This past Wednesday was the three year anniversary of when my boyfriend and I first met. I feel like it's such a cliche, but he sincerely is my best friend and throughout our time of knowing each other he has been my support through some of the darkest days of my life. It's crazy to reflect on how much we have each grown individually and as a couple, and to playfully wonder about the exciting adventures ahead of us.

I was able to Skype with my family for my little sister's birthday last week which was a nice treat as it's been a few months since I have last seen them. We caught up on some news, shared some laughs, and spent some time chatting before they headed off to the casino for a night of celebration.

Easter candy. Cadbury creme eggs, hot pink Peeps, Starburst jellybeans, Reece's eggs, Swedish Fish gummies, pure sugary heaven.

The cherry blossoms have arrived in my Japanese-inspired New Leaf town with bursts of pink branches everywhere and soft petals floating in the air. In real life, the weather is warming up and flowers have begun to sprout which has made it feel more like true springtime. I have been enjoying bright makeup and colorful clothing as well as the feeling of an uplifting spirit with the change of the season.

What is something that brought you happiness this week?

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