October 23, 2014

Salvation Army Homeware Haul

I recently ventured to the local Salvation Army with just the intention to have a peaceful day off of work and a fifty dollar bill in my purse. After browsing around for a few minutes I thought there wouldn't be much I'd be interested in, but as soon as I discovered my beloved homeware section my cart quickly filled up with treasures. If it's not apparent, I'm into the quirky, mismatched decor style so anything random I stumble upon that I adore will eventually find it's way into some nook or cranny in my home. The delicate little bowls are now sporadically placed around each room holding coins, keys, candies, and other homeless trinkets. I updated my kitchen table with the pretty floral napkin holder and the vintage pair of Italian salt and pepper shakers reading Sale and Pepe. One of my favorite finds was the coral colored stone coasters which add a beautiful pop of color to my natural, earth tone theme. The handmade Mexican tapestries came in a set of four and will make for vibrant place mats, or simple accent fabric.

Do you shop at second hand stores?
October 14, 2014

Meet the Pooches

Meet Boss
My favorite...
Nicknames? Wee Man, Mr. B, Buss.
Place? Wherever my dad is.
Things? Warm laundry, when my family is home, and making messes.
Toys? Empty protein powder jugs and ropes.
Food? Venison.
Activity? Swinging from a spring pole.
Human? My dad, Ryan.
Sleep position? On my back under a soft blanket, all paws in the air.
Trick? Howling.

Meet Lucky
My favorite...
Nicknames? Ducky, Pork Chop.
Place? The park.
Things? Naps, sunbathing, and eating my kibbles.
Toys? Tennis balls and basketballs.
Food? Dog treats.
Activity? Chewing and prancing around the yard.
Human? My mom, Jordan.
Sleep position? Curled up on the bed.
Trick? Shaking my paws and high fives.

Do you have any pets?
October 07, 2014

By the Crescent Moon | Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

As the coziest season of the year is upon us, it's a simple switch to stylize comfort with rich jewel tones, walkable slip-on wedges, and soft fabrics. Layer prints and textures with scarfs, tights, leggings, and jackets to amp up sophistication without sacrificing warmth during the brisk days and chilly nights of autumn.

What is your favorite color to wear in the fall?
October 01, 2014

Farewell September | Little Thoughts

What I loved this month...

Getting ready on chilly mornings wrapped in a warm blanket
Eating late night pizza with family
Fresh, bright paint on the walls
Pay day after a long work week
Finding a Dunkin Donuts on a road trip for pumpkin swirl iced coffee
Sleepily listening to podcasts before bed
The feeling of autumn
Cozy cloudy days
Catching up on YouTube videos
Planning for the future
Growing personal and professional relationships
The feeling of peace and harmony even in times of distress

How was your September?

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