January 15, 2015

Dreaming of Summer | Reef Sandals Wishlist

Although snowflakes are still falling here in frigid Michigan, I can't help but hazily daydream about painting my toes, wearing light clothing, and enjoying all the perks of warm weather after winter. I recently browsed through the Reef website and found so many adorable, surf-inspired kicks that not only looked super stylish but ultra comfortable as well. I loved many of the pairs of sandals I saw, however the ones that made it to my must-have wishlist include the Guatemalan Slide, Starglitz, Beaded Moon, and Fanning from the men's line. What I'm drawn to from the collection is all the bright colors and textures that are still muted enough to match tons of outfits, and also the noticeable quality that will last through trips to the ocean and busy days out and about. In the past I have purchased an endless amount of cheap flip flips that had little to no support for my feet and had to be replaced each summer. Not only do they cause unneeded pain, but also requires wasteful spending of poorly made products that get ruined and quite frankly unattractive so quickly. Investing in a good pair of sandals is underrated and totally worth every penny, especially if you live in a cold climate where summer is only a few short months long. I find the higher quality enhances a true fashion statement while making the best days of the year even more memorable.

Do you daydream of summer fashion when the weather gets cold?
January 08, 2015

Plans & Dreams for 2015

2014...another year of radical changes and rooted growth happening in my little world. In the briefest way I can think to summarize, I spent my first full year here in Michigan dipping back into employment and finding my place here, building a stronger relationship with my boyfriend, his family, and friends I have encountered along the way. With still trying to sort out career goals, discovering my inner self, and balancing responsibilities with my interests and desires, finding time to feed my soul sometimes felt harder than it should be. Without digging too deep into the pit of my personal life, there were a lot of peaks and low tides that I experienced in the past twelve months from quitting terrible jobs, bouts of anxiety, to feeling inexplicably grateful to be in this state of mind and the more suitable lifestyle I am in and spending amazing days out with great, new people. As each month passed the happier and more grounded I became, with everything sort of falling into place both rightfully and in my mind. I hope and wish that this momentum can continue and bring even more luck, love, and accomplishments in this next chapter of life.

A few plans and dreams I have for 2015...

Gradually wake up earlier and improve on my weekday schedule.
Grow a succulent garden and nurture indoor plants.
Exercise at least three days a week.
Drink more water and herbal tea throughout the day.
Eat more raw foods and pursue a natural diet.
Remember to moisturize my hands and neck.
Continue to grow my new business.
Find a better part-time job to pay off debts.
Work to find a career I love and feel passion for.
Deep clean a different room in the house once a month.
Create a savings account for travel and big expenses.
Visit my grandparents in Florida.
See the rest of my family in New England for the holidays.
Start recording more moments in life with photos and videos.
Write poetry again.
Continuously write down all goals, dreams, and ideas.
Take more time to de-stress and organize my thoughts.
Share more personal posts on this blog.
Read more articles and blog posts.
Watch obscure documentaries on Netflix.
Try new things and challenge myself with every chance given.
Purge what's unneeded and focus on fundamentals.

From my own experiences I have learned that working very hard and putting fourth effort towards a goal over time are necessary elements to success, however I do believe that dreaming of the future and wholeheartedly believing in yourself and your goals are equally essential parts of the power to transform one little thought into a tangible achievement. 

What is your ultimate resolution for this new year?
December 23, 2014

In Your Hands

In your hands winter
is a book with cloud pages
that snow pearls of love.

- From Angel of Earth Days and Seasons by Aberjhani

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