December 11, 2014

Calico Cat Eyes | Firmoo Eye Glasses Review

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that for a good while now I've been overdue in purchasing an updated pair of glasses. The ones I've been wearing for about three years finally snapped (and weren't holding well with pieces of electrical tape wrapped around the frame), so I knew it was time to go for an eye exam and pick out some new specs. Recently I was contacted by the online eye glass company Firmoo to try out their basic single vision, 1.50 index lenses with any frame of my choice. I went with the full frame acetate F038 model in the unique blue, brown shade which has a clear calico type of pattern. I loved the subtle cat eye shape to them and thought the angles would flatter my rather round face without overwhelming it. I also like how the frame color is muted yet eye-catching and compliments my brown eyes and the red tint in my hair. I find the larger lenses made me feel like a bit of a nerd from an 80's movie at first, but after some time passed I realized that they were great to wear while working and put a lot less strain on my eyes since I wasn't having to adjust them as often compared to my old pair which were much more narrow.

As for the quality of the glasses, I can say I am genuinely impressed and my expectations were surpassed in terms of what I expected from a $36 pair of glasses. The frames are lightweight yet sturdy, and have kept their shape and a tight fit to my head so far. My only true complaint about them is that the lenses tend to show smudges and dust easily, and it's hard to completely wipe off film without the official Firmoo cleaning cloth.  Since the company ships from China it can take up to three weeks to receive your package, however with express shipping mine arrived in less than a week's time. Ordering online is easy as the site offers a lot of guidance and only requires your prescription and pupillary distance which is information that can be obtained from your optometrist's office.

Overall I am very happy with my new glasses and will definitely be buying spare pairs. I love the quirky pattern of the F038 model that makes a statement and the fact that the lenses are so clear and wide, improving my vision in style. From experience I know that an eye wear package of prescription lenses and frames can be very expensive, especially when you may need certain corrections and additions or are limited in selection. You can save money by using Firmoo's The First Pair Free Program as well as checking out their selection of generous sales that continue all year long.

How often do you purchase new eye glasses?
November 20, 2014

Cute & Affordable Holiday Gift Guide with Checklist

Cute & Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

This year I want to keep my Christmas shopping and gift giving ritual as simple and stress-free as possible with the focus more on emerging myself in the true meaning of this sentimental time of year. If you're like me and can't buy big ticket items for all of your family members this season, a thoughtful gift means just as much if not more and is easy to put together on a cinched budget with a little creativity.

Since the holidays are now about a month or so away, I wrote a checklist on the Google Keep notes app on my phone so when I am out and about I can grab gifts or wrapping essentials that might be on sale in order to maintain some sort of organization and a reasonably affordable sum by the time all the shopping is completed. My personal list is more tailored to specific things I want to purchase for my own friends and family, however this is a nice guideline to save and begin brainstorming if you haven't quite made it to that point yet.

Gift checklist:
_ Stocking stuffers and small gifts (lip balm, nail polish, makeup, skincare, hand sanitizer, tumblers, gloves, scarves, socks, jewelry, and other accessories)
_ Gift cards
_ Larger gifts (books, candles, decor, video games, or their wishlist items)
_ Chocolates and candies
_ Wrapping paper
_ Tissue paper
_ Bows and ribbons
_ Boxes, tins, bags
_ To & From tags
_ Cards
_ Gift wrapping tape
_ Shipping materials (boxes, shipping tape, labels, bubble wrap)

One of my favorite ways to put together a gift is to buy little things and put them all in either a stocking, a decorative bag, or a printed takeout box. I fill them up with trinkets like lip balm, candies, nail polish, makeup, rollerball perfumes, skincare products, hand sanitizer, stationary, cell phone accessories, and anything mini sized that will fit. I sometimes like to slip in a gift card to the recipient's favorite store as well which is a nice touch to add if you have the extra money to spend. If gift cards aren't your thing, find a small personal or trendy gift like a book, a candle, a piece of jewelry, a video game, etc., that your budget will allow. If I can find some extra time before Christmas Eve, I might bake some holiday cookies and package them in decorative tins for a homemade touch. Since I live in a different state than a lot of my family members, I like to include a Christmas card with a note inside to explain the gift, or simply express love.

For the women I know, I plan to put together an assortment with a few little pocket-bacs and hand cream from Bath and Body Works, a pair of gloves or a scarf, and maybe something extra like a piece of jewelry from Forever 21 or a new makeup brush from Ulta. I find a lot of cute filler gifts at places like the seasonal aisles at drugstores, the Target Dollar Spot, or the accessory section at many online boutiques. I also find a lot of inspiration from Etsy which offers many things that make for unique presents, especially for a person who has everything and is difficult to surprise. If you are a bit crafty, there are tons of handmade gift ideas on Pinterest that are super affordable and easy to make.

For the men in my life, I tend to buy a specific gift or gift card with a skincare product and some of their favorite candies or snacks. Unless you know what he wants or what his hobbies are, I find any man can use a good moisturizer with an SPF or a trial size skincare kit to have the opportunity to try something new and be able to buy a full size version if they end up liking your selection. When in doubt, I've realized that most men enjoy more practical gifts like clothing and grooming products which makes shopping that much easier on your part.

There is always the opportunity to express your gratitude to the ones you love, so don't be discouraged if you can't shower them with lavish gifts this holiday. It's always the thought that counts, and a simple letter, email, or phone call is the most meaningful of all.

Do you plan out your holiday shopping?

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